Create Own Organic Skincare

Dr. Maryam Aziz has spent a lifetime exploring the dynamics of natural healing. Her journey has seen her take on roles – as a qualified medical doctor for almost 5 years .

Starting from her kitchen table in her mom’s kitchen, Dr. Maryam Aziz created her own skincare products. The sourcing ingredients for the products are truly certified natural or organic from reliable suppliers. She created skincare products with personalized formulation and luxurious packaging.

However when her company started to grow bigger, she finds it difficult to collaborate with OEM manufacturers as they set a really high core standard for their natural skincare products.

TLP Services

GMP Skincare Manufacturer

Because of her determination, she decided to create her own skincare factory in Malaysia which is the only manufacturer that creates organic skincare products.

However, in order to create skincare products which are in high quality and yet effective, The Luxe Production subscribes to the following guidelines for business and manufacturing practices:

  • No ignoring health, safety or environmental standards like GMP standards
  • Only purchasing materials or supplies from companies who are known to employ ethical environmental or employment practices.

Since The Luxe Production’s existence, we have created skincare, body care, and topical baby range of products.