How can I be assured that my products are made in accordance with proposed ingredients?


Each product made by The Luxe Production comes with Certificate of Finished product. The Certificate of Finished Product  will tell you the exact ingredients that go into your product. TLP assure you that any testing of the product conducted at any independent laboratory will produce a report that will be in compliant with the Certificate of Finished Product.

Can TLP Create Products With 100% Natural Ingredients?

YES,TLP can make your own product with 100% natural ingredients. In addition, TLP are natural topical products manufacturer. As we, TLP does not produce products with harsh chemical, instead we tried to be as pure natural and organic as we can.

Do The Luxe Production (TLP) provide lab analysis to assured that my product are in good quality?


YES, TLP did lab analysis in order to assured our finish products in good quality.

Each product made by The Luxe Production comes with report analysis. The Report of Analysis will tell you the quality of your product. TLP could also provide you the copy of report analysis upon request.