The Luxe Production Sdn Bhd (TLP) Manufactures Organic & Natural Topical Products in Malaysia.

The Luxe Production Sdn Bhd (TLP) is an established OEM natural skin care manufacturer / ODM, in the development and manufacturing of natural and organic topical products  according to Malaysia’s Regulation on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standard. With a focus on natural and organic topical products, we have created some of the most cost-effective and high-quality products in the market.

Product Development

TLP offer OEM natural skin care manufacturer in Malaysia, which helps set up your own product and formula. Our product development team are built from medical, pharmaceutical and engineering background. TLP development team have access  on Raw Material Technical Data, Material Safety Data Sheets, and Clinical Data  through our vendors and our close relationship with their laboratories.

Production Capabilities

TLP’s secured manufacturing facility is located on-site in our 27700 square foot production area. This facility houses state-of-the-art equipment that TLP have used to bring a quality of natural products successfully to the market. TLP strictly adhere to Malaysia’s GMP standard during formulation, production, and post-product processes.We also employ strict quality control procedures to ensure all products meet our purity and efficacy standards. We methodically and continuously tested the products during the formulation and each production stages.

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OEM Natural Skincare Manufacturer | The Luxe Production

OEM Natural Skincare Manufacturer

• Facial Soap Bar
• Facial Soap Gel/Liquid
• Face Oil/Moisturizer
• Face Mist/Toner

OEM Natural Body Care Manufacturer

• Hand & Body Lotion
• Body Scrub
• Lip Butter
• Body Wash
• Shampoo
• Deodorant

OEM Natural Baby Care Manufacturer

• Cough/tummy/bugs repellent balm
• lotion/salve
• Head to toe body wash
• Sensitive salve/balm
• Sensitive head to toe body wash