OEM Cosmetic & Skincare Manufacturer

TLP is skincare, personal care and an OEM cosmetic manufacturer . TLP will start the production of your products according to your specification by implementing good manufacturing practice (GMP).

TLP listens carefully to clients voices for their safe use, consequently, for our subsequent development.

We are committed to prompt solutions to any claims from our clients, and to pursue and study the causes for future prevention.

TLP’s OEM Cosmetic manufacturer carefully manufactures one by one at our well arranged factory. TLP’s continuous, innovative approach toward own development and production system allows efficient mass production and smaller batches often brought by diversified market needs.

TLP will safely deliver topical products under our strict quality management system. In order to supply top quality products, The Luxe Production carries out strict quality control procedures at each process that only the best products could leave our factories. In addition to TLP pre-delivery QC, we also pursue safe handling during delivery to achieve more sophisticated quality management system.

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OEM Cosmetic Manufacturer Malaysia | The Luxe Production
OEM Cosmetic Manufacturer Malaysia | The Luxe Production